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Out and about with Mr Punch!

Our seaside-slasher, Punch, is out now on VOD in the US and the UK. You can catch it on your video-on-demand platform of choice - Amazon, Google, iTunes, Sky & Virgin in the UK, or Spectrum, Cox, Comcast, Rogers (in Canada), Amazon, Vudu, Hoopla, I-Tunes, Google in the US.

If you'd prefer to see Mr Punch beside the seaside, his coastal tour continues: Fresh from a smashing good time at Horror on Sea in Southend, he now heads to Screams By The Sea in Bournemouth on February 10th.

He then stalks on over to Romford Horror - not technically by the sea, but there's definitely a tang of salt and violence in the air regardless. Punch plays opening night (February 29th)

Check the links for details of tickets and passes.


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