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Mr Punch feels the love

With Punch on VOD release for a couple of weeks now, we thought we'd share with you some of the great reviews we've been getting. If you haven't seen the movie yet, you can check it out here, and don't forget to leave us some feedback on letterboxd, or IMDB etc.

“Punch stands as a testament to the creative possibilities within the world of horror cinema”

“effective and peppered with a dash of folk horror'

SFX Magazine

"one of the better British slasher films I've seen in some time"

“a fun new addition to the slasher genre and a thoughtful reflection on contemporary Britain, making it an essential watch for horror fans and cultural commentators.”

"Mr. Punch as a villainous killer is very good. It feels like he could be a great slasher franchise character”

Punch is a very effective and entertaining slasher that boasts interesting, relatable characters, and has something very interesting to say.  Indie slashers are often very hit or miss and this is one of the hits!”

“Edwards seems to have the know-how and ambition to deliver something more than the usual low-budget slasher cliches that seems to suggest that something even more satisfying lies in wait for us.”

“those who are yearning for an inventive new horror figure with bone-cracking, head-caving one-liners… look no further than Punch (2023) to satisfy your cravings for blood-curdling chaos!”

“a fresh and daring addition to the British slasher scene”

“genuinely impressive”

“as an introduction to a possible franchise it has potential written all over it. Let’s hope it happens.”

"If you’re a slasher movie fan, Andy Edwards’s PUNCH is sure to satisfy. Solid cast, excellent production values and an ending that creates a potential for a sequel."

"It’s fun to see someone take the old slasher genre and give it a fresh twist,"

“brutal and uncompromising”

“Punch is a low budget, British slasher movie that I’d really like to see given a sequel,”

“Punch is brutal, effective, darkly funny”

“an unsettling little slasher film worth checking out.”


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