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Custom hits Frightfest/Glasgow Film Festival

On Saturday 9th March, our latest movie, Custom, had its World Premiere at a sold-out screening as part of the Frightfest strand of Glasgow Film Festival. Director Tiago Teixeira and Producer Andy Edwards were joined on the red carpet by stars Abigail Hardingham, Samantha Steel, and some of our wonderful crew.

And here's what the critics made of our dark and disturbing new film:

"Art, fetishism and fear interweave in this sensual and surreal deep dive, where incantations as well as intercourse lead to transcendent states that are in equal parts fascinating and disturbing"

“A well-made and stylish debut, Custom is a great homage to the master of weird – David Cronenberg – with enough personal flourishes to stand on its own two feet.” 4 STARS

“As far as micro-budget first features go though, this is a fascinating curio; a rare, ambitious attempt at capturing the same sort of uniquely viscous smuttiness rarely seen since the heyday of Hellraiser.”

“Wilfully arty, Custom written and directed by Tiago Teixeira makes the best of what must have been a minuscule budget to create some really quite unsettling images."

“Custom almost achieves the status of being the British equivalent of Videodrome with its depiction of nightmarish scenarios.”

“Custom is a keeper, still playing out in the head long after the tape has been ejected.”

“Teixeira has the astute ability to build and maintain a level of atmosphere that is profoundly ominous, demanding the viewers attention throughout, ironically making a film that is not too dissimilar to the videos featured within.”

“Hallucinatory sequences abound, keeping both the protagonists and viewers off-kilter and curious about what will happen next. Teixeira conjures up a dizzying atmosphere."


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