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"A Great British Slasher Movie"

Now the dust has settled on the Frightfest '23 world premiere of our movie Punch, we thought we'd share a few first-look reactions. The movie played on the Super Screen at the Cineworld, Leicester Square, London to a packed house of cast, crew, and fellow horror fans.

"A Great British Slasher Movie" - 4 STARS - Movies Review 101

"“one of the best slasher flicks to come along since Terrifier gave Art the Clown his own starring vehicle.” - GBV Reviews

"“Mr. Punch quickly emerges as one of the slasher greats, beating and bludgeoning his way to the top.” Starburst

"Fans of slasher movies will not want to miss Mr. Punch’s first cinematic outing.” - DreadCentral

"“The spirit of the English seaside is alive in all its wild, mendacious, ancient glory, the madness of Albion which invites nostalgia and sometimes love and always terror, for those who have seen beyond the mask.” - 4 STARS - Eye For Film

“a saucy seaside postcard of a Little Britain that is thuggish, vicious and hateful beneath the smiling mask. “ - Projected Figures

"a smart and subversive final act which ties everything together and offers plenty of scope for sequels.” Horror Cult Films

"fabulous sense of seaside ennui” - Bloody Flicks

“a fun British slasher” - Hollywood News


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