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About Paranoid Android Films

We are a film production company based in London, UK.


Specialising in provocative and visually stunning genre films, with commercial appeal. Our budgets may be low, but our concepts are high,  with a commitment to top-notch production values and storytelling. 


Our mission is to become a brand trusted by audiences and the industry alike. We also want to provide opportunities for new talent - especially from under-represented groups - both in front-of and behind the camera.

We believe in the power of collaboration, and that only by joining forces can we grow the UK genre scene as a whole, and utilise the talent we have. 

Paranoid Android Films is the name our founder, filmmaker Andy Edwards, has worked under for many years. In 2020 he took the next step and set up Paranoid Android Films Ltd as a fully-fledged production company.  To date we have produced three feature films, with several more in development.

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Our Founder
Andy Edwards

Andy Edwards is an award-winning writer, director, producer, and occasional editor. His first full feature as writer/director was the zombie-comedy, Ibiza Undead, which was released theatrically in the US under the title Zombie Spring Breakers. The film premiered at Frightfest in the UK and also played at Sitges in Spain.

His second full feature as writer/director, the thriller Graphic Desires, was released in 2022, and his third, Punch, was released early 2024.


As director-for-hire, he's helmed Cinderella's Revenge (starring Natasha Henstridge) for Titan Global, Sobini Films and EMRJ Entertainment. As editor-for-hire, he cut The Unloved Ones (starring Jamie Winstone) for Golden Gate Films, and as a writer, he co-wrote The Ghosts of Monday (starring Julian Sands) for the Altadium Group. 

He has also contributed as writer.director, sections of feature horror anthologies Midnight Peepshow (starring Gremlin's Zach Galligan), Three's A Shroud, Blaze of Gory, and Grindsploitation.

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