Zombies Take Over The Asylum!


We are delighted to announce that our feature film Ibiza Undead will be splattering onto over 70 screens across the USA, courtesy of the inmates at The Asylum. On Thursday 2nd of November, as part of “Thursday Nights At The Asylum”, for one night only you can catch our film – and with its sexy new make-over. Yes, Ibiza Undead stateside now goes by the name Zombie Spring Breakers, and we have a great new poster to go with it.

And talking of splatter, back when were young and reckless, we made part of a horror anthology called Blaze of Gory. Our segment, Monster, has just won “Best Extreme Short Film” at the Dark Veins Film Festival in Italy. And if you want to check out what kind of film could win that nice-sounding award, then you’re in luck, as the whole anthology was released this Halloween, and you can buy it in its full uncut, sick form here.