The calm before the Zombnado

9th September 2013

We’ve just spat out a teaser trailer for Monster, which is our section of the ultra-disturbing horror anthology Blaze of Gory. Check it out!

It’s been getting quite a bit of attention – including this news item on BBC South East which features interviews with our producer and the mysterious author herself, Blaize-Alix Szanto. That piece also features some of the only safe-for-a-lunchtime-BBC-news-bulletin clips from the film I could find.

You can also read interviews with the stars of our section Sandra Wer and Victoria Broom, on the UK Horror Scene site.

There’s still a few days left to get involved with the Blaze of Gory Indiegogo campaign – check it out to find out how you can see the film first, and for only £3 you can get your face in the film… You can also view teaser trailers for all of the sections that have begun production.

Apart from Blaze of Gory, we’ve been working pretty much non-stop on pre-production for the Houseparty of the Dead feature. From casting, to location scouting in glamorous party destinations, to designing zombies – we’ve been busy little minions. LOTS more info to come soon on that of course, including opportunities to get yourself in the film…