Ibiza Undead Takes Over Frightfest


Friday 26th of August 2016 saw the World Premiere of our movie Ibiza Undead at Frightfest, the UK’s biggest and best fantasy and horror festival. Our zombie rocked the red carpet, our fearless director and producer braved Facebook live, and one of our cast jumped over the head of a journalist whilst doing a zombie impression.

Most importantly, we sold out the screening, and got a great response from the audience. We’ve received a lot of media interest – highlights include the wonderful Emily Booth interviewing director Andy and producer Elisar for The Horror Channel, and we even made it to Page 3 of The Sun, after years of them rejecting the topless pictures of himself that Andy kept sending.

The reviews have started to come in, including this great 5 Star one from The People’s Movies. And check out this blog by our very own podium zombie, the fashion blogger Naomi Millbank-Smith, on her experience attending the premiere. 

For a more comprehensive round up of reviews and press, check out the Ibiza Undead page.