The Vampires of Soho

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The Vampires Of Soho is a blackly comic horror movie set against the backdrop of the gentrification of London’s historic den of iniquity. Combining sex, drugs and rock’n’roll with a modern-day take on vampire mythology. It’s the story of a young man selling his soul for success – and what he must do to get it back…

Written and directed by Andy Edwards, and co-produced by Andy Edwards and Patricia Rybarczyk.

In 2018 we shot a prequel/proof-of-concept short called, “The Vampire of Soho“.  A joint production between Paranoid Android Films, Three Wise Monkeys and Muse Media , the 80s-set punk-goth love-story was shot by talented cinematographer Max Williams on 16mm film for that true punk vibe.

The Vampire Of Soho stars Amelia Bennett (Heretiks), Nic Lamont (Egomaniac), Linda Regan (Hi-Di-Hi) and introduces Sam Francis Harman as Billy. It received its world premiere at the aptly named Soho Horror Film Festival in late 2018.

Since then it has gone on to appear at festivals worldwide and win several awards:

Austin After Dark 2019 (Official Selection)

Black Sunday Film Festival 2019 (Official Selection)

Bloodstained Indie Film Festival 2019 (Official Selection)

Boobs And Blood 2019 (Finalist)

Diabolical Horror Film Festival 2019 (Official selection, Nominee: Best Editing)

Final Girls Berlin Film Festival 2020 (Official Selection)

Genre Celebration Festival 2019 (Official Selection, Best Horror Short: Nominee & Best Score: Nominee)

Grindhouse IV @ Zoetrope 2019 (Official Selection)

Grindhouse Planet Film Festival 2019 (Official Selection)

Horror On Sea 2020 (Official Selection)

Independent Horror Movie Awards 2019 (Best Humour: Winner, Best Writing: Winner, Best Music: Winner, Best Short: Nominee, Best Sound: Nominee, Best Cinematography: Nominee)

Out For Blood 2019 (Official Selection)

Reels of the Dead 2019 (Official Selection)

Soho Horror Film Festival 2018 (Official Selection)

That Film Festival Marbella 2019 (Official Selection)