The Vampires of Soho

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The Vampires Of Soho is a blackly comic horror movie set against the backdrop of the gentrification of London’s historic den of iniquity. Combining sex, drugs and rock’n’roll with a modern-day take on vampire mythology. It’s the story of a young man selling his soul for success – and what he must do to get it back…

Written and directed by Andy Edwards, and co-produced by Andy Edwards, Tansi Inayat and Patricia Rybarczyk. Associate Producers are Kevin Phelan and Chas Evans, with Rob Leese Jones and Roger Gray as Exec Producers.

The film is a co-production between Paranoid Android Films and Muse Media, Sky Penguin Media, and Phelan Good Film Consultancy Services. We’re currently in the process of securing investment. Please get in touch for more info.