The Vampires of Soho

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The Vampires Of Soho is a blackly comic horror movie set against the backdrop of the gentrification of London’s historic den of iniquity. Combining sex, drugs and rock’n’roll with a modern-day take on vampire mythology. It’s the story of a young man selling his soul for success – and what he must do to get it back…

Written and directed by Andy Edwards, and co-produced by Andy Edwards and Patricia Rybarczyk.

In early 2018 we shot a prequel/proof-of-concept short called, “The Vampire of Soho“.  A joint production between Paranoid Android Films, Three Wise Monkeys and Muse Media , the 80s-set punk-goth love-story was shot by talented cinematographer Max Williams on 16mm film for that true punk vibe.

The Vampire Of Soho stars Amelia Bennett (Heretiks), Nic Lamont (Egomaniac), Linda Regan (Hi-Di-Hi) and introduces Sam Francis Harman as Billy. It received its world premiere at the aptly named Soho Horror Film Festival in late 2018.